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Your wedding deserves the most important attention to detail.  We provide a customized Timeline that allows your event to go with the flow of your scheduled itinerary.  Everything must be planned to perfection, because it is a one time opportunity to create that memory to last a lifetime.


Our concept is for you and your guests to relax and enjoy all of the special moments that will become a part of your wedding day!

2 + 2
Acostic Guitarist and Violinist Duo.
Add some class to your wedding ceremony and or cocktail hour with these amazing duo performers playing everything from Pop music to Classical music with style and texture.

Your Wedding Budget


We will consider your budget, and  try to work within it, if possible. If we feel it is unrealistic for what you want, we will tell you right away, and suggest some alternative options. For example, if you want a 10-piece Top-40 wedding dance band but only have the budget for a 7-piece dance band, then we will tell you to consider scalling down to a comfortable budget level to meet your needs, or consider hiring a Party DJ for event.  The Bottom line is that, we here at Brassbell Entertainment, are for you..

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