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We appreciate you considering Brassbell Entertainment, Inc for your musical needs.



Below are some commonly asked questions. If you require any further information, do not hesitate to ask.


Once I decide which band I want for my event, how long can I wait before I book them?

It is always better to book the band or groups you want as soon as possible. You never know when another client will call for that same Date.

ur users know a little more about you.


Can I hold the band or groups without a deposit?


No! In order to secure your date you must submit a deposit, this will ensure that no one else can impede on your event date.


Will the band bring CDs to play between breaks and how many breaks do the band or groups get?


Yes! Similar music will be provided during breaks to keep the musical flow going, depending on what's contracted, the band/groups Breaks unusually depends on the length of time the band will play, it could range from (2) 30 minutes breaks to (3) 15 minutes breaks.


Can you provide  general liability insurance if a client request it


Yes! we can provide liability insurance if requested.


What if I need to make changes to some items on the contract?


Any changes made, i.e., performance times, accommodations, etc. Must be done so two weeks prior to event.


Do you accept credit cards?


Yes! we do, but for deposit ONLY! and there is an additional charge when paying your deposit by credit card. we also accept money orders cashiers check and personal checks. Please allow time for personal checks to clear the bank.


Can I choose all of the songs we want played at the event?


We suggest you pick up to 10 songs you definitely want played two weeks prior to your event.


Is tipping the band appropriate?


Tips are not expected but certainly appreciated.


Can I give the band leader the final payment the day of the event?


Yes! as your contract indicates, you can give us the final payment the day of the event, via Cash, Cashiers Check, Money Order or Company Check for final payment – You can also give the final payment up to due 5 days prior to your event. No personal checks excepted for final payment


What if the band doesn't show up? Or some one in the band/group, get sick?


In my twenty years of business! This has never happen. If some one get sick, we will replace him/her with a performer with equal  talent, we take great pride in our reputation, so we only work with professionals.


Does the bandleader act as an M.C? Also what will the band/groups wear?


Yes! The bandleader or lead vocalist will M.C. your event, Black tie attire (tuxedos and black dresses) unless you request something less formal.


Do I need to provide parking and meals for the band/groups?


Yes! Parking should be provided for our bands/groups as well as meals. It is our company's policy to ensure that all our entertainers our treated in accordance with the professional entertainer's code.

This ensure that our entertainer's are happy and that our client's will receive nothing but the very best in live entertainment


Legal Action - If Litigation is needed to resolve a issue


If we (Brassbell Entertainment) have to take a client to court because of a contractual dispute over payment, deposits or services, and the company has already provided said client or coordinator with those contractual services, said Client will then forfeit there initial deposit and will be responsible (sued) for the full entire Non-discounted amount of the companies services plus any additional damages. 

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