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About Us

BrassBell Entertainment has been providing top quality Entertainment in the form of, Live Shows, Music Production, T.V Production, CD Releases and a number of Entertainment services. It is our mission to bring all people together through the power of Music and Live Entertainment, it is also our desire to put a smile on every face and  joy in every heart by bringing some of the most talented Musician’s, Vocalist, Dancer's and all around Performers in the country together to produce some of the best live shows ever seen.


Formed in 1987 as a production company by Music Producer Donald Bell  The company started by producing up and coming local artist around town, In addition to writing and producing a number of commercial jingles for several major companies.


After years of providing production services, the company started a small record label call BBI Records in the early 90’s releasing it’s first single entitled "The world needs love" by multi talented artist “Donald Bell” the single received rave reviews in just the first week of it's release and establish this artist as one of the best up & coming artist of the 90's.


A couple of years later ‘’BBE’’ entered into a new area of entertainment, T.V Production, Producing a local show called ‘The chocolate factory’, a soul train style dance show that was the first T.V Effort for the Entertainment Company but not the last. The response was overwhelming with a demographic audience in the greater Los Angeles area alone; of over 300,000 weekly.


BBI Records then release its first full C.D in the late 90's on artist / founder Donald Bell entitled ‘’Life Stories’’  considered one of the best Independent records ever produced,. Currently Donald Bell is the Lead Singer for the Legendary Funk 70’s Band “Slave” Who had a number of major hits records during the late 70’s thru the mid 80’s.


BrassBell Entertainment in it's effort and dedication to bringing people together through live music is paying homage to those musical greats who came before us with that music that not only touched the hearts but also the soul, such groups as: The Temptations, The Supremes, The Drifters, The Coasters, The Marvelettes, The Shirelles, The Four Tops, Shep & The Limelight's just to name a few.

BrassBell Entertainment's Tribute to the doo-wop and the Motown sound is a must see show performing to sold out audience from Las Vegas to California and across the country, with a cast as powerful as a Broadway stage play, making good music, bridging the old school sound back with a young beat. It is our desire that this music and these shows reaches all culture’s, all races and all parts of the world that embraces ‘’what we like to call’ life music. Because life is music, music is love and love is God

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