BBI Records was founded in 1988 by producer/ songwriter Donald Bell, in Los Angeles CA, his enthusiasm for business and love for music created the atmosphere for the launch of this new label. Taking a page right out of the text book from the legendary Motown, Stax & Atlantic Records, BBI set out from the start to create a label where artist can florist in a creative environment with an artist development program in place to ensure that each artist reach their full potential to bring timeless music to the world.

Featured Up & Coming New Artist

Swagger Splash

This telented Rapper/Writer who hails from the sunshine state of florida, will bring a fresh new flow to the rap game

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Submit your best work to become a staff writer, producer or arranger with BBI Records, All submissions most be clean and in MP3 form - submit no later than Dec 1, 2014

Send all submissions to:

Donnie B             CD Release Party

Help August 9th 2014 at the Marina Seafood Restaurant, in the city of San Pedro, 300 + people came out to celebrate this sophmoree project

Donnie B Live @ Morongo Casino

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Latest Releases

Wherever You Are

Jonathan Mouton

Available on itunes, CD Baby - Amazon


Released April 20, 2015

10969 Back II Basics

Donnie B

Available on itunes CD Baby - Amazon


Released July 15, 2014

Wounded, Thrive Survived

 Lydia Mouton

Available On CD Baby Amazon - itunes


Released Aug 15, 2012

Past Releases

Life Stories

Donald Bell

Still Available online

Amazon- itunes- cd baby


Released Jan 1, 2000